A sales network covering Europe and many other countries, together with the provision of technical assistance wherever necessary, has enable the company to build up an enviable portfolio of customers, at home and abroad. Tagliavini products have many loyal users among the most prestigious craftsman bakers and confectioners, famous chefs and the principal volume retailers. Beyond any doubt, Tagliavini is now seen as a world leader in this sector.

The main stages of our history

  • Celeste Tagliavini and his son Enzo were master masons. At this time, they began to diversify their business, specialising in the construction of brick-built ovens. In those days, wood-burning ovens were used mainly on farms and large country estates which baked their own bread.

  • In the immediate post-war period, Celeste Tagliavini’s eldest son, Enzo, met Rudolph Kauber, an engineer who had moved to Italy as a representative of the more advanced German bread-making industry. Their relationship developed and bore fruit in the form of a company which was to become a pillar of the Italian bread-making industry. Kauber & Tagliavini was born.

  • On the strength of good results and promising growth prospects, work began on the first Kauber & Tagliavini factory. Thanks to Enzo’s extraordinary talents in business and human relations, his reputation in the bakery trade grew and grew. Given the leadership role played by Enzo Tagliavini, the name of the company was changed to Tagliavini & Kauber. At that time, they employed 120 people.

  • The partnership with Kauber broke up, as Enzo Tagliavini, with the help of his brother Ugo, took steps to develop and grow the company. The business flourished and, from the outset, focused on researching and developing more modern ovens. The business became more “industrial" in character. Owning a Tagliavini oven now was a “must": craftsman bakers were prepared to wait for more than a year to take delivery of one.

  • Following the premature death of Enzo Tagliavini, his daughter Gabriella took over the helm, but the company was effectively led and developed by Gabriella’s husband, Claudio Gaibazzi, supported by Ugo Tagliavini, who had ten years’ experience to draw on. The arrival of Claudio Gaibazzi marked the beginning of a new era in the life of the company, which continues to this day.

  • The years of Claudio Gaibazzi’s careful management saw the inauguration of a new headquarters building at Noceto: covering an area of 15,000 square metres, it fronts the motorway, as if symbolising the company’s ambitious drive towards new markets.

  • In the late 1990s, Claudio Gaibazzi brought his three sons onto the board of management, where in different capacities they have contributed to the further development of the enterprise. Tagliavini has thus consolidated its leading position in Italy and in foreign markets. Milestones at the dawning of the third millennium have been an enlargement of the company’s offices and production area and the introduction of a sophisticated integrated management system for the warehouse and the production process.

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