In spite of its being specially designed for all kinds of pastries, buns and flat loaves, thanks to its steam generator it is also suitable for all types of bread (from 30g to 2 kg) for small baker’s shops. Each chamber is in fact an indipendent module holding all electronic check and power controls necessary for the operation. The external coating is made of painted steel sheet, the front side is made of 18/10 stainless steel and is completely insulated from the baking chamber. Two sets of high peforming, exclusively designed metal-clad resistances, one for the floor, are set inside the baking chamber. If required, the module can be supplied with an independent steam generator, which can be built into the module itself and easily installed even if the oven has been already set up. The module can be installed without the intervention of specialized fitters: it simply needs to be placed on site and connected to the mains. The electronic controls are set on the front and allow a constant and immediate overview of all baking parameters.


New generation control units
Perfect baking
The exclusively designed armoured resistance elements installed directly inside the baking chamber, both at the top and bottom, are positioned 5 cm apart creating a greater heating surface area to guarantee uniform baking. The heat is released uniformly throughout the baking chamber and bakes the product delicately without being over aggressive.
Steam control
Fully automatic steam control and discharge valve (manual valve available on request).
Reduced consumption
REC (Reduced Energy Consumption) System that contributes consumptions more than 30% lower than other similar products.
Proofing cell (OPTIONAL)
The chamber block can be positioned on a support base with wheels or on a proofing cell on wheels.
Different temperatures
Each chamber acts like a separate oven which holds all the electronic control, command and power equipments needed for individual operation.

A selection of available models

EMT2 40/60

EMT3 40/60

EMT4 40/60

EMT4 60/40

EMT6 40/60

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