It is suitable for baking bread and pastries of different kind and size..
It is compact: its overall dimensions are extremely limited, when compared to its production capacity.
The oven can be gas-fired, gas oil fired or supplied with electric power.
The heat exchanger has been renewed in its structure and made stronger.
Exploiting the horizontal air circulation, the oven has an important reduction of consumptions.


New generation control units
Perfect baking
Flexible, suitable for baking different sizes of bread as well as pastries/cakes. Ideal for every situation: two-speed air recirculation fan in the baking chamber (optional): high speed for baking bread and standard pastries/cakes; low speed for baking light and delicate products.
Maximum steam output
Thanks to the cascade steam generator, made up of individual cast iron elements which cover the whole back wall of the oven, steam delivery is abundant and fully envelopes the product, giving excellent results.
Performant and efficient
High performance with quality details which guarantee perfect baking. Air flow from the bottom up and stainless steel baking chamber, front, doors and hood. Efficient horizontal air flow, in positive pressure and countercurrent to the fumes ensures a delicate transfer of heat to the product.
Reduced consumption
Reduced energy consumption thanks to the REC (Reduced Energy Consumption) system which guarantees exceptionally low energy consumption in both the gas and electric versions.
Avant-garde technology
The Rotor rotary oven is the result of attentive, avant-garde technology which brings together practicality of use and minimum energy consumption. Available in gas, fuel oil or electrically powered versions, it is a versatile and robust oven to meet all needs. The I BAKE control panel incorporates the top level of technology in a touch screen.

A selection of available models

RT 68

RT 810

RT 812

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