Three different baking settings:

  • automatic, with the possibility of selecting one of the 240 loadable job files;
  • manual, for setting new job files;
  • semi-static, which makes it possible to start the motors only when the heating elements are on.
Last but not least, there is the option to activate the fans at low speed for baking particularly delicate products.


The latest technology
Practical use and perfect baking at the touch of a button.
Elegant and linear design
The oven can be installed as a fitting in viewable production facilities to meet the needs of medium-sized bread shops, pastry shops and food outlets.
Practical use
Extremely intuitive commands thanks to the backlit touch screen solution and the USB port.
Stainless steel
Made out of stainless steel, designed for easy cleaning operations (internal glass, inspectable door with integrated drip tray, removable side supports, automatic washing option for the baking chamber with 4 different programs).

A selection of available models

CBX 10T/6040

CBX 6T/6040

CBX 4T/6040

CBX 4T/6040 with tray holder

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