After all these years, I am at last coming to realise that we are no longer selling just an outstanding product or a first-class service, but a result. Many factors have brought us to this point: our history and reputation, the outstanding performance of our products, and our natural and on-going quest for excellence. Another key factor, I believe, has been an overwhelming passion for our work. I would like to thank my family, my colleagues and all those who have made this possible – those who, over the years, have implemented this philosophy and made it their own.

CEO Claudio Gaibazzi


All our products are strictly “Made in Italy”

In manufacturing our products, we use only the finest materials and our workmanship is meticulous.
A perfect marriage of craftsmanship and technology, to ensure that our machines are reliable, perform to the very highest standards and will last for years, like large-scale pieces of jewellery.

Durability, performance and fuel consumption are conditioned to a large extent by the structure of a piece of equipment. There is no need to comment on the thickness of the stainless steel we use to build our ovens. As well as the materials, every phase of construction is subject to painstaking inspections and programmed quality tests.
Attention to detail also involves careful study of functionality and harmony of form. Today, after almost a hundred years, we continue with unabated enthusiasm and commitment to interpret and keep ahead of the market, introducing new ideas, designs and technologies that will improve our workmanship and the performance of our products.



The purchase of a long-term asset, such as one of our ovens, is often a decision of crucial importance for the firm concerned. For many of our customers, it is a once in a business lifetime event. For this reason, the character of the company that manufactured the “asset” is vitally important, as are its quality certifications and capacity to innovate.

Faith in the manufacturer, its history and reputation, together provide a guarantee of continuity in the days to come.
It is a source of satisfaction to us that Tagliavini can still supply spare parts for machines manufactured as far back as 1950.

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