The oven’s electronic control units include:

  • Digital thermoregulation with temperature stabilizer
  • Digital baking timer with acoustic signal
  • Baking chamber light and aspirator hood control
  • Steam control
  • Weekly programmer for automatic daily start-up.


SMART control unit
SMART digital control unit with display for controlling: baking temperature, baking time with end of baking alarm, steam inlet time, lighting, steam evacuation valve opening/closure.
The I BAKE control panel incorporates the top level of technology in a touch screen. As well as the functions of the SMART control unit, it also includes energy management, weekly start-up programming and memory space for up to 100 baking programs.
Perfect baking
Thanks to the air circulation system powered by large turbines to create an abundant air flow which envelopes the product, perfect baking for any type of product is achieved.
Steam control
Completely automatic steam discharge valve (manual valve available on request)
Easy to wash
Easy to remove tray-holding grids and internal chamber with central plughole for water drainage.
Reversible door
Reversible door with right or left-hand hinge and ergonomic double-click safety handle.
Automatic valve
Valvola di scarico vapore completamente automatica (manuale su richiesta).

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