Semi-automatic bun divider rounder

This machine has been conceived for the dough dividing and moulding. Dough is cut and rounded semi-automatically by means of special trays. According to trays shape and structure you obtain 30 or 36 pieces from 20 to 120 gr. Strong machine made of high quality materials and strongly constructed can be placed in little space. By means of this machine you obtain very good products.

Hexagonal automatic dividing machine

  • Fast and silent machine with hydraulic control.
  • It is provided with timer for the maximum spread of even the hardest dough.
  • At the end of each working cycle the machine stops, thus avoiding overheating of oil and the motor.
  • The mechanical parts are easily accessible, allowing the operator to clean the machine without any difficulty.
  • The electronic system is completely isolated from other parts of the machine.
  • The basket and knives are in stainless steel; the hexagons are alimentary nylon to avoid excess discarding of dough.
  • Practically the machine requires no maintenance.
  • The standard machine is white; optional in stainless steel plating.

Square divider

  • Machine particularly suitable for dividing baguette and loaves bread dough
  • Oven-painted electro welded steel structure18/10 stainless
  • Steel bowl and blades
  • Pressers in acetal resin for food purpose
  • Servo devices activated by hydraulic unit
  • Pressing time adjustable by PLC device
  • Fully automatic pressing,dividing and lid opening working cycle
  • Blades cleaning button.
  • Pressing and dividing working cycle manually activated by a selector
  • Manual lid opening.
PB 200
  • Machine particularly suitable for the moulding of dough and butter portions to be used in the pastry sheet rolling out
  • Pressing time adjustable by PLC device Fully automatic pressing and lid-opening working cycle.

Automatic diving machine

Lubrication is by means of closed circuit and oil under pressure resulting in oil consumption to virtually nil. The suction system is by means of a stainless steel drum. The heigth of the exit can be adjusted by operator. Hooper capacity is of 40 kg. of dough. Optional hopper for 80 - 150 - 200 kg. doug is available. Variable speed control for fast and easy operation allows for a production of 1.000 to 2.400 units per hour. Oil level indicator. Automática digital counter with programmable auto-stop. Illuminated weight indicator. Remote control for power on/off. Mounted on castors for easy movement. It does not require cleaning after each use. Removable conveyor belt for easy maintenance by the operator. Compact in design. Stainles steel body..
WITH ROUNDING DEVICE (optional): This model has been designed with efficiency and functionality in mind incorporating a conveyor system with optional right or left hand side exits. This machine replaces the need of 2 maquinas; one, the old style dough roller and two, the weighting scale within a minimum of space. The size of the dough rolls can be selected according to the needs.

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